Courses follows the latest and upto date coaching styles and delivery, delivering BCU/UKCC courses, as well as skill specific, and bespoke training.

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BCU Courses Courses Courses
  • UKCC / BCU Star Courses

    Price: TBA
    Dates and more information coming soon.
  • Bellboat Helm

    Price dependant on your location and number of participants
    BCU Bellboat course delivered at your location. 1 day course for existing coaches, and 2 day courses for new coaches and teachers.
  • FSRT Canoe Safety Test

    This is a 1 day Foundation and Safety Rescue Training course aimed at teaching you what to do if it doesnt all go quite to plan. Here at h2ocoaching we specialise in teaching you modern techniques to enable you to perform a rescue with ease, in a faster and safer style.

    Pre-Requisites: 2* Award and a good Swimmer.

Skills Courses
  • Introduction to Moving Water

    Email for Prices
    Exactly as it says on the tin.

    This course can be booked by the hour on local weirs, or full days away. The aim of the course is to teach you skills in reading features, safety, and whitewater skills

    River - Ability to roll.
    Weir - 2* Standard and water confident.
  • Intermediate White Water

    Email for Price
    Intermediate White Water is aimed at paddlers wanting more than just being led down the river. You will learn how to identify hazards, identify safe 'play spots', and how to lead. This will be run on grade 3 water.

    Pre-Requisites - Ability to roll.
  • Guiding and Leadership

    Email for Price
    We can provide guiding so you can experience new rivers and leadership for club trips etc.
  • Rescue Refresher

    Email for Price
    Whether your planning a trip away, furthering your star, undertaking coaching awards or need to refresh your skills, this one day course teaches you in rescue techniques and what to do as the rescuer or the rescued
  • Private Tuition

    Email for Price
    If you want a refresher course for any skills and techniques, feel free to mail us your requirements and we'll get back to you with a competative quote.
  • Freestyle

    £35 / 1hr
    Bought a playboat or squirt boat and want to know how to use it? Then this course is for you.
  • Sit-on top basic skills and safety courses

    £30 / 1hr - 1to1
    £50 whole day
    (6hrs) - 1to4
    A base level course, to introduce you to paddling skills, as well as self-rescue if things go wrong
  • Rolling

    River - £35 / 1.5 hours
    Pool - £30 / 1hour
    Both 1 to 1
    Whether you've never rolled before and looking to learn, or want to refresh and update your style, we can provide the coaching
  • Touring Techniques

    £35 / hr 1 - 1
    £40 / day.
    NEW Touring Craft Skills & Rescue Training.

    Maybe you're planning a trip away paddling around the beautiful Scottish Isles and would like to know how to rescue your self if it all goes wrong! Or maybe just want to know how to use your fancy new boat.

    This 1 day work shop is aimed at teaching you the basic skills and techniques to keep yourself safe, and out of trouble! As well as rescue skills, we will also cover efficient paddling techniques, and boat outfitting.